Using an innovative and strictly operational approach,CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd provides Customers with consulting on any aspect related to risk management in order to safeguard people, media and data.

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd carries out a careful risk assessment by identifying vulnerabilities, focusing on areas of greatest impact for the business and encouraging the adoption of custom strategies and measures.

Risk management

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd supports its Customers in business risk and operational risk management activities throughout the entire Risk Management process, from the assessment of the specific context of risk identification under business procedures to the adoption of procedures to counter the potential dangers.

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd places the concept of risk in a wider context related to corporate risk management, providing all the tools needed to identify and manage business-related risks.

With the help of valued and efficient partners (including legal, administrative and accounting consultants), we are able to provide a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to manage any type of request seriously and competently.

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd offers the following services:


using evaluation and management of uncertainty through the definition of structured ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) approaches and implementing them in strategies, processes, technologies, knowledge and personnel.


with the development of strategic and methodological models of market risk management (such as rates, exchange rates or commodities) that allow the definition and optimisation of hedging strategies and ALM (Asset & Liabilities Management) strategies.


consisting of portfolio measurement, control and optimisation activities to better target the growth and development of companies.


implementing risk-based pricing models for the delivery, monitoring and recovery phases.


consisting of the design and implementation of plans and projects aimed at reducing potential losses resulting from inadequate internal procedures or errors.


aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance and the adoption of procedures consistent with market best practices (e.g. Basel II / III, Solvency II, MiFid).


for the effective and efficient management of all business risks, through the provision of an adequate organisational structure and the diffusion of appropriate risk culture at all business levels.


CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd offers companies consulting services within the sphere of Merger & Acquisition (M & A) operations, i.e. relating to acquisitions and transfers of companies or company branches, mergers, divisions, aggregations and all operations that generate permanent changes in the ownership structure of a company. The consulting activity includes all the steps of the operation, from formulating the strategic project to prospecting for potential counterparts, from initial trading to closing the deal and defining the contractual intent.

Our consultants also support companies in the post-deal phase, in order to define a Strategic Plan that responds as closely as possible to the changes that have taken place, thereby counteracting any potential and concrete risks.

Financial-legal advice

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd provides public sector companies with financial and legal advice mainly in strategic and industrial planning and the implementation of performance measurement and control systems.

We also assist organisations and bodies in defining decision-making spending processes as well as in preparing control tests.

Public-private partnership

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd assists companies on the occasion of the conclusion of public-private partnerships, resulting from a shared public and private determination to ensure the development of a common good and the competitiveness of the region.

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd boasts a group of professionals, with many years of experience, able to offer continuous assistance in the field of public and private contracting as well as in public procurement, local government and public services, thus reducing the risk of potentially negative events.


CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd offers consulting services to support businesses in the process of restructuring and crisis scenarios, providing the full range of services for identifying strategic plans that ensure quick asset recovery and the prevention of any further damage.

Our services include, inter alia, the implementation of strategic and industrial plans as well as the preparation of business reorganisation, redevelopment and expansion procedures, in order to restore the stability of a company's financial system.

We address banking and financial institutions, Private Equity funds and companies facing crises and insolvency. We also assist credit institutions providing financial analysis services of companies in crisis.

Antitrust and competition

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd provides assistance and advice to our Customers in all areas of competition law at national and community level.

Our professionals support Customers in adopting appropriate behaviours and complying with antitrust legislation, in order to avoid any damage that may result from anti-competitive strategies.

We offer assistance in choosing the most appropriate corporate form to meet the needs of our Customers, providing support for contractual stipulations relating to joint ventures, non-competition pacts, forms of collaboration between competitors, licensing, etc.