Risk Management means "the set of activities, methodologies and resources coordinated to guide and control an organisation with regard to risks" (UNI 11230, Vocabulario - March 2007).

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd has developed tools and methodologies that support the implementation of the Risk Management process, providing the company's leadership with the skills needed for an immediate and correct understanding of the risks a company is exposed to.

The Risk Management process developed by CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd comprises 5 fundamental stages including:

  • Preliminary verification of the reference reality (strategic, organisational, etc.);
  • Structured risk identification;
  • Risk analysis and classification, consisting of a preliminary qualitative and quantitative estimate of the risk and subsequent cataloguing of the likelihood of the occurrence of the harmful event;
  • Risk management regarding the process of implementing measures and strategies aimed at mitigating and / or removing the existing risk;
  • Risk assessment from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, bearing in mind the degree of influence and the probability of occurrence.
Risk Management Process
Risk Evaluation

The Risk Management process is the first step for a preliminary and concrete risk assessment as well as for future management as a task of refinement of risk control procedures and control policies.

Our Risk Management Services

Using an innovative and strictly operational approach, CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd provides Customers with consulting on any aspect related to risk management in order to safeguard people, media and data.