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About Us

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd is a leading management and organisational consulting company that assists medium-large companies with Risk Management services designed to protect the company's assets and to promote the value and development of resources, through a series of integrated organisational models in strategic and operational management of the company.

Our work provides substantial short and long-term benefits to the companies we work with.

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About Us
About Us

How We Operate

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd generates high quality results, helping corporate management in defining risk management protocols in order to guide companies in adopting rational decision-making processes while at the same time helping to reduce costs and improving production levels.

We offer high-tech solutions ensuring high levels of quality and excellent customised services.

Objective tests and continuous improvements are indispensable tools for a more effective achievement of objectives.

Our approach, born of experience and collaboration with professionals who have gained a deep knowledge of the sector, is based on a comprehensive risk management process using the Deming Cycle management method (so-called PDCA cycle, an acronym for Plan-Do-Check-Act), which allows control and continuous improvement of processes and products.

Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the risks that can undermine their security by supporting them in the process of empowering staff regarding the adoption of specific risk management policies.

Vision & Mission

The goal of CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd is to identify every event that may affect your business activity in order to manage the risk it poses and provide a reasonable level of security on achieving your goals.

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Risk Management

The Risk Management Process

Risk Management means "the set of activities, methodologies and resources coordinated to guide and control an organisation with regard to risks" (UNI 11230, Vocabulario - March 2007).

CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd has developed tools and methodologies that support the implementation of the Risk Management process, providing the company's leadership with the skills needed for an immediate and correct understanding of the risks a company is exposed to.

Financial Risk Solution

In a global world, the financial challenge for any company that wants to remain competitive by increasing its economic performance, is to find the best available solution on the market, everywhere in the world. CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd offers support and advice in the operations related to the companies formation both in the territories of the European Community and in other Offshore jurisdictions.

Financial Risk Solution

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Office 14, 10-12 Baches Street
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N. of Incorporation: 10827301

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