In a global world, the financial challenge for any company that wants to remain competitive by increasing its economic performance, is to find the best available solution on the market, everywhere in the world. CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd offers support and advice in the operations related to the companies formation both in the territories of the European Community and in other Offshore jurisdictions.

Activities are carried out by professional experts in international company law who, while complying with the laws in force in each country, provide assistance in all phases of the start-up and establishment of a company abroad, also providing support in resolving international tax disputes.

In order to meet all of our clients' needs, we work with a large network of trusted businesses and consultants throughout the world. This allows us to provide internationalisation services for companies, even those recently established, which aim to enhance or expand their presence on some foreign markets considered strategic and on which to focus their commercial effort. CCRM - COMPANY CONSULTANCY & RISK MANAGEMENT Ltd also helps young entrepreneurs wishing to launch a start-up abroad and expand their business.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and tools, our consultants offer specialised advice in the following activities:

  • establishment, administration and management of companies abroad;
  • management of international taxation;
  • legal representation abroad;
  • tax representation abroad;
  • drafting and revision of international contracts.

Our services are of primary importance in order to understand the potentialities and pitfalls associated with the chosen strategy, while ensuring compliance with the legal obligations in force in each jurisdiction.

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