Belize is a member of the Commonwealth with over 310,000 inhabitants. Located in Central America, it declared its independence from the United Kingdom in 1981 and is the only English-speaking country in the region, although most of its people speak Spanish.

Renowned for the ease with which businesses can be set up and the protection of anonymity offered to their members, Belize is still classified by the OECD as an uncooperative territory. This offers interesting benefits but can cause tax issues in billing for activities other than commissions or consultancy, service provision and other intangible services. However, a British company can still be used as a transit bridge.

The International Business Company is the form of offshore company in the country, mostly with limited liability and regulated by the Belize IBC Act. The creation of an IBC is not subject to the minimum share capital requirement or to any obligation of nationality. As an offshore company, an IBC cannot conclude business with counterparts located in Belize or own property which, if necessary, must therefore be rented. However, some activities can be carried out with residents in Belize (lawyers, accountants). Establishment of the company is subject to an establishment cost of 100 or 1,000 USD, depending on the capital. All company information is held by a resident agent (mandatory for its creation) who is legally required to maintain professional secrecy.


Belize Flag
Average start-up times 1 day
Availability of pre-established (ready-made) companies Yes
Accounting No
Secretary No
Nominee Shareholder Yes
Nominee Director Yes
Average taxation 0%
Published information about the company's directors. There is no public register of corporate positions.
Accounting obligations No obligation
Legislation and controls The Belize International Financial Service Commission is the reference authority and companies are regulated under the "IBC Act 1999"
Confidentiality Bearer shares are not permitted
Documents required
  • certified copy of passport or ID
  • residence certificate dating back less than 3 months
Time Zone UTC-6
Currency Dollar
Risk indicators Average political risk: 60%
  • Expropriation and breaches of contract: 64%
  • Risk of war and civil unrest: 41%
  • Transfer of capital and convertibility: 74%
Average credit risk: 74%
  • Failure to pay by sovereign counterpart: 71%
  • Failure to pay by bank counterpart: 74%
  • Failure to pay by corporate counterpart: 76%
GDP growth -1%